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Extruder (from Latin extrudo - I push out), a machine for softening (plasticizing) materials and shaping them by forcing them through a profiling tool (extrusion head), the cross-section of which corresponds to the configuration of the product.

The extruder mainly produces products from thermoplastic polymer materials (plastics), they are also used for processing rubber mixtures (in this case, the extruder is often called a syringe machine). With the help of extruders, films, sheets, pipes, hoses, products of a complex profile, etc. are produced, thin-layer coatings are applied to paper, cardboard, fabric, foil, as well as insulation on wires and cables. Extruders are also used for the production of granules, preparation of compositions for calendering, molding of metal products and for other purposes.

The main area of application: production of greenhouse (greenhouse) and shrink films, production of PE stretch films and polypropylene films, production of PVC stretch films (stretch PVC), as well as the production of a wide range of packaging (packages "packing", "T-shirt", trash bag, bags with cut and loop handles, etc.). Also extruders are used in the food industry for the production of breakfast cereals and snacks. In addition to the food and processing industry, extruders are widely used in the agro-industrial complex.


Kedrova street 4, bld.1, 117292, Moscow, Russia