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Anti-slip spikes

Anti-slip spikes

Tires equipped with anti-skid studs have been widely used in Russia for 25 years.

Anti-skid studs are used to improve the grip of tires on slippery surfaces in winter (in areas of rolled snow and ice).

Installing studs into the tread of a car tire (studding) gives a winter tire an additional quality - reliable grip on an icy road.

The company can offer anti-skid studs for all types of tires of wheeled vehicles, based on the individual requirements of the buyer.


Вставка: sintered material to optimize wear
Корпус: aluminum alloys (passenger car tires) - legal requirements (weight), steel (minibus tires)
Нижний фланец: non-circular design for holding the cleat without turning around its vertical axis
Stud types (Continental classification):

SD – Steel Dubb (D = Stud in Swedish);
AD – Aluminum Dubb;
MD – Plastic Dubb;
OD – Oval Dubb
DD – Dubb Diamond;
BD – Dubb Diamond +
HD – Hybrid Dubb (smaller and lighter than BD);
CD – Tri-Star Dubb.


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